The Creativity Workshop

Using the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography, Storytelling and Mindfulness



Testimonials from people from many professions, countries and age ranges

Since 1993, The Creativity Workshop has been working with people from many different professions, nations, and age ranges to help them discover or rediscover their unique creativity. A typical workshop will be represented by an exciting mix of participants from different countries and professions ranging from CPAs to artists, medical doctors, educators, and CEOs. This makes for great group dynamics in all our workshops. Here is what some participants have to say about their Creativity Workshop experience.

Barbara Roberts
Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Columbia University School of Business, New York, NY
“The Creativity Workshop is far above any creative seminar I’ve taken in its inspiration, positive spirit, and techniques. It is important for any...
Melanie Ackerman
Teacher, Wilkinsburg School District, Fund for Teachers Recipient, Monroeville, PA
"Kirpal Singh is kind, patient and gracious. I received such a wonderful gift by meeting him and being under his guidance. His exercises challenged my...
Chuck Mills
Writer, Timetravel21, Alexandria, VA
“This was a tremendous experience. I wanted to take my writing in a new direction, and with the help of the insights and tools I got at the Workshop...
Stacey Vye
Associate Professor, Center for English Education and Development, Saitama University, Japan
"Our fellow workshop participants were educators, artists, and entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds in Asia and Oceania, lead by Kirpal Singh. ...
Pam Grout
Author, The 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to Enrich Your Life, National Geographic Publishers, 2008
“You will come back (from The Creativity Workshop) with a heart full of artistic passion, completely convinced that creativity and imagination–you...
Erin Dowd
Global Educator/Consultant, Norwich, Vermont
"The strategies in the workshop were simple but excellent, and Kirpal had a strong but quiet way about him that made me trust him immediately. The res...
Chris McCarthy
Director, Innovation Learning Network and Innovation specialist for Kaiser Permanente, USA
"I brought my two innovation teams for a week to work with Shelley and Alejandro. I can't say that I knew exactly what we were getting into at first. ...
Maria Macmanus
Designer, Architect, Wellington, New Zealand
"The Creativity Workshop was a challenging and awesome experience. As a result, I feel more confident as a designer. Thank you so much Kirpal for bein...
Carroll Blue
Author of “The Dawn at my Back” and Professor Emerita of Film Studies, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
“I wrote my first published memoir because of this class. The instructors are magicians!”