The Creativity Workshop

Using the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography, Storytelling and Mindfulness

Retreats for Artists

Retreats for Artists

Group of artists sharing ideas

Reinvigorate your art in stimulating locations worldwide at our Creativity Workshop Art Retreats.
The Creativity Workshop Art Retreat combines an art workshop with a vacation.
This Art Retreat is for people of all levels of experience in the arts.
You will have 3 hours each morning in our workshop with like minded participants from many different countries.
The rest of your stay will be free to discover the rich environment of the retreat. Choose from our venues in Prague, Barcelona, Crete, Provence, Florence, or New York.
At this Artist Retreat you will enter our magical playground for grownups. We believe that you hold spark to reignite your imagination. Our techniques can help you unleash the creative spirit that lives inside you.

Where in the World do We Go?

View of Barcelona

In order to revamp your inner genius- you have to hit the road. Get out of your everyday environment and steep yourself in the most inspiring locations around the world. We hold workshops in Singapore, Crete, Florence, New York City, and more. Do yourself a favor- take flight on an adventure and awake your inner genius. Rediscover your best self, personally and professionally.

This is a workshop about process not product. No competition (with yourself or anyone else) and no worrying about doing the right thing. The only right thing in this workshop is to try our exercises and not judge yourself. If you don’t like the picture you’ve drawn, don’t look at it and keep drawing. We are a bit like runners here– except the race is against our critical selves-if we can outrun that, we can see and create amazing work. There is no right or wrong way in the creative process, the only wrong way is to give up on your imagination, on yourself as an artist.

What We Teach


You will learn how to:

  • Use our practical, fun techniques to jumpstart your creativity and keep it soaring.
  • Get over artist blocks and challenge the inner critic that stops you in your tracks.
  • Find new sources of inspiration all around you.
  • Use our simple 15 minute per day exercises to stay creative long after the workshop ends

Blast through your creative blocks with our unique exercises in drawing, photography, collage, map making, guided visualization, and writing. Enjoy exploring and expanding your unique artistic expression in our relaxing seaside retreats or vibrant city locations We promise that you will leave our Artists Retreat with the tools and motivation for an ongoing creative life.

The Creativity Workshop Art Retreat is an interactive, process-oriented program. We focus on the inexhaustible process of creativity rather than a single product. We experiment. We fail. We fail again. We celebrate your imagination. We guide you back to that kid with the crayon and a whole world to fill in.

Tapping into your innate creativity can transform every facet of your life. Our fun, nurturing, interactive process will send you back into your life refreshed, nourished, and inspired.

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel
Founders and directors of The Creativity Workshop

Neil H. Schwartz
PhD, Professor of Psychology, California State University, Chico, CA
"The Creativity Workshop was a turning point in my career. Your sensitivity and perceptivity in regard to others and the human condition is unbelievab...
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly, Artistic Director, Shakespeare in Action, Toronto, ON, Canada
“I loved the journey this workshop took me on. It reminded me of the rich value and power of story telling. Thank you for all your guidance.”
Nancy Welch
President, Welch Design Group, Madison, WI
“The Creativity Workshop is one of the best ways to discover a new city. Exploring our creative spirits each evening opened my visual and kinestheti...