The Creativity Workshop

Using the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography, Storytelling and Mindfulness

Retreats for Writers

Retreats for Writers

Group of writers sharing ideas

The Creativity Workshop Writers Retreat is the perfect blend of stimulation and relaxation in inspiring settings all over the world.

You will spend 3 hours a day in a workshop focused on techniques to develop and transform your creative process.

The rest of the time you are free to write, reflect, and explore the local environment.

Where in the World do We Go?

View of Barcelona

Our Writing Retreats take place in city, countryside, and seaside locations so you can choose the kind of atmosphere inspires you most.

Our Workshop retreats are in the Greek Island of Crete, Barcelona, Provence, Prague, and many others.

After the morning classes, you time to wander around the cities and villages we have chosen, alone or with friends, perhaps even some new ones that you have met at the Creativity Workshop.

What We Teach


Using exercises in creative writing, memoir, storytelling as well as free writing and drawing, guided visualization, and mindfulness.

Learn stimulating techniques to fuel your imagination and spark your unique writer’s voice.

Discover and develop new ways to approach characters and narratives.

Get over writer’s block and the kind of self judgment that cuts off your creative flow.

Share work, images, and ideas with like-minded people from a variety of countries and professions.

Establish a daily writing practice that is productive and fun.

In our writers retreat you will create new writing and develop writing for any of your works-in-progress. We will teach you exercises that will help you jumpstart your writing when you get stuck. You will gain greater confidence in yourself as a writer and a deeper understanding of what your unique creative process needs to flourish.

Travel and Writing Inspiration

Image of Florence, Italy

We have our Creativity Workshop Retreats all over the world because changing your environment is one of the best things you can do for inspiration.

Travel exposes you to different cultures and widens your perspective on the world. The natural and architectural beauty of our destinations is stimulating for the senses and that stimulation will find its way into your expression as a writer.

Taking yourself away from your everyday life and focusing on your writing in Crete, Barcelona, New York or any of our other locations is a fantastic way to recommit to your creativity and see where it leads you.

Travel enlivens the spirit and the mornings in the Workshop will give you courage, direction, and motivation needed for writing.

Writers Cross Training


Alternating between exercises focuses on words and exercises focusing on sense perceptions and visual imagery is a great way to break through writers block and open up your literary horizons.

This kind of “cross-training’ engages all of our cognition in a way that working solely with words cannot. Stepping in the creative waters outside “writing only’ takes us out of our comfort zone and releases us from our usual expectations. This gives the imagination the freedom to explore new subjects, new projects, new styles of writing.

Giving Yourself Permission to Make Writing a Priority


The Creativity Workshop engenders an atmosphere of playfulness, mutual support, collaboration, and writing motivation. We teach you how to avoid the kind of self criticism that stops or limits your writing. You will learn how to outrun your inner critic and her/his rigid thinking about what your writing should be.


Mural in Crete

Some of the writing exercises in our writers retreats are done individually while others are collaborative.

Attendees say that the group writing exercises gave them inspiration and the attentive group atmosphere made them excited to keep writing.

Being with like-minded to explore the creative process gives participants a support system that goes on long after this workshop retreat is over.

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel

Founders and directors of The Creativity Workshop

Stephanie Merrill
Writer, New York, NY
“The Workshop taught me to honor who I am as a writer and how to make time for creativity in my daily life. Inspiration unfolded in ways I never ima...
Sally Naylor
Poet and English Teacher, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN
“I produced as much poetry in the 5 day Crete Workshop as I did in a month in a conventional poetry workshop. The emphasis on. In process work reall...
Sally Naylor
Poet and English Teacher, Baylor School, Chattanooga, TN
“I produced as much poetry in the 5 day Crete Workshop as I did in a month in a conventional poetry workshop. The emphasis on. In process work reall...