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How to Make your Own In-Visioning Exercises

How to Make your Own In-Visioning Exercises

by Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel

You need:

1. A tape recorder and a voice.

2. An in-visioning script that you make up. Be sure to leave room to write between recorded prompts.

A. Setting the scene—images, smells, sounds, textures, visuals.

B. The next step is a series of actions, such as going on a journey, having help from humans and animals, magic objects. Confronting monsters along the way returning home with a gift for your community—something you have learned from the good and the bad of your journey.

C. Another series of actions could involve different kinds of mapping, letter writing (using I, you, he/she, them, us) to switch perspectives of story telling or points of view on an issue and to create empathy.

D. Voice on the tape is important: it should be soft enough to lull you into a self-trance/dream state.

E. While immersed in the In-Visioning journey, try the following: stop making sense, avoid trying to be perfect, don’t think before doing (let the hand move faster than the brain).

F. The reasons for #E are: to outrun your fear, doubt, self criticism, thoughts of what others will think of you or your work.

G. On that note, do NOT compare yourself or your creations to anybody else.

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