The Creativity Workshop

Using the Tools of Creative Writing, Memoir, Art, Photography, Storytelling and Mindfulness

The Creativity Workshop in a Nutshell

The Creativity Workshop in a Nutshell

All our Creativity Workshops are live and taught in English.


What is The Creativity Workshop?

The Creativity Workshop is an inspiring, motivational experience. You will explore and transform your own creativity through a series of exercises working with creative writing, memoir, free form drawing, photography, storytelling and mindfulness.

  • You’ll get over creative blocks, writer’s block and paralyzing self-criticism
  • You will find new sources of inspiration in everyday life
  • You will learn a 15-minute practice that will keep you creative for life


Florence view


Who Attends?

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. The Creativity Workshops are for people from all professions, ages and nations. Educators, scientists, lawyers, writers, artists, engineers, advertising and marketing professionals, therapists, business professionals all attend our workshops.

What Creativity Workshop participants all have in common is the desire to explore and harness their unique creative process.

Our participants meet like-minded and inspiring individuals and make lifelong friends.



Where do they take place?

The Creativity Workshops take place in many locations around the world.



How long are they?

We hold 4 and 5 days workshops. Classes are in the morning and then you’ll have the rest of the day to explore the locale where the workshop takes place.


Who teaches them?

Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel started The Creativity Workshop in 1993. Since then, they organized more than a thousand workshops in North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Shelley and Alejandro


Where do you stay?

When the workshop takes place at an hotel, we offer special discounts for our participants. You can also choose your accommodations from a wide variety of hotels and AirBnBs. Check each individual workshop page for the Stay22 link.